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Elevating Your Home with Stunning Residential Wallpaper in Singapore

Wallpaper has made a big comeback in Singaporean homes, with increasing numbers of HDB and condo residents installing this decorative feature. Beyond just adding visual interest, wallpaper can transform the entire look and feel of a room. From modern graphic prints to luxurious textured finishes, wallpaper offers endless creative possibilities for residential interiors. Here’s a look at how to elevate your home with striking wallpaper artistry.

Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

Wallpaper comes in a diverse range of materials, patterns, textures and colors. Make your choice based on the mood you want to create in a specific room. Light and neutral patterns work well for the bedroom to exude calm. Playful motifs and bold colors inject energy into a child’s room. Choose glam metallic finishes or moody hues for drama in the living room.

Consider the size of the space too. Busy and large prints can overwhelm a small room, while subtle textures get lost in bigger areas. Measure the wall area’s dimensions to estimate how much wallpaper you need to purchase. Understanding the room’s lighting and traffic levels will also guide your wallpaper selection. Glossy finishes illuminate dark corners but show scuffs easily. Durable vinyl works better for high traffic areas than delicate paper wallpaper.

Creating an Accent Wall

A great way to enjoy wallpaper without overdoing it is to have it as an accent wall. Use wallpaper only on one wall as a focal feature against a backdrop of painted walls. The accent wall immediately grabs attention as you enter the room.

Place the wallpapered accent wall behind the bed headboard in bedrooms. This creates a striking backdrop when lounging in bed or taking selfies. In the living room, cover the wall behind the TV console or sofa with an eye-catching print. Incorporate matching cushion covers for a complete coordinated look.

Accent walls keep wallpaper costs contained within budget. You can invest in quality materials for superior visual impact precisely where needed. Professional installers like Craft Axis can flawlessly execute the intricate wallpaper patterns to make your feature wall mesmerizing.

Total Wallpaper Coverage for Maximum Drama

For more daring design lovers, consider full wallpaper coverage across all four walls of a room. Enveloping entire rooms in wallpaper creates an immersive effect. Vivid jungle prints bring the outdoors in. Soothing lines make small spaces appear bigger. You can amp up the opulence with floor-to-ceiling installation.

Seamless wallpaper with matching edges creates a flowing envelope that smooths over wall irregularities. Metallic grasscloth effects add glamour to parties when light bounces off the walls. Local wallpaper artisans like Craft Axis offer made-to-measure custom prints to realise any design vision.

Just take care to avoid information overload. Limit wallpaper patterns to two at most for cohesion. Accentuate with matching furnishings and decor. Maintain harmony across adjacent rooms – a floral room flows well into damask but jars next to graphic geometrics.

Professional Installation for Flawless Results

Residential Wallpaper in Singapore homes requires meticulous installation to align patterns perfectly around corners and edges. The inclusion of intricate borders, cut-outs for switches and precise trimming at ceilings also demand expertise. Attempting DIY wallpaper can lead to misaligned prints, bubbles and peeling that will ruin your designer feature wall vision.

Engage professional wallpaper installers like Craft Axis who have the experience and tools to get it right. Their specialised smoothing brushes, straight edges, snap-off blade knives and laser levels enable perfectly plumb and smooth installation. Leading installers use quality adhesives to minimize paste seepage while strengthening adhesion.

With professional installers, your stunning designer wallpaper will be hung straight, smooth and enduring. They can also provide design advice, materials procurement and wall preparation services for fuss-free start-to-finish execution.

Elevate your home with jaw-dropping wallpaper artistry by the experts at Craft Axis. Their exquisite materials, interior design expertise and flawless custom execution will make your wallpaper dreams a reality.

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