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Solution for Drain Flies and Clogged Drains

The thought of spotting drain flies or worms spoils any peaceful bathtub soak or shower. They are also present in toilets and sink drains. Professional treatments work far better than household remedies.

What are drain worms, often known as drain flies?

Drain flies and worms are the same species but in different phases of development. Due to their fuzzy moth-like appearance, they belong to the insect family. Usually considerably smaller than the average housefly, they are grey.

Do drain worms cause damage to people?

Although they may have a menacing appearance, these worms are not known to bite people or spread blood-borne illnesses like other insects do. But they can contaminate food if they are coming up from the sink drain since they can transmit bacteria everywhere they go. Drain flies can become a serious infestation in your house if left unchecked.

How Can I Remove Drain Worms?

Step 1: eliminate or rule out the blockage

Checking to see if the drain is completely or partially clogged should be your first step if you are looking for answers to what causes drain worms? See if you can get the clog out of there with a plunger. If not, it is recommended to hire a qualified plumber to clear the drain swiftly and safely as the first step to preventing drain worms.

Step 2: eliminate the infested drains’ worms

Cleaning the drain with really hot water is one method of getting rid of drain worms from an infested drain or drains. However boiling water can cause some materials to shatter; thus, professional advice against doing so. Additionally, stay away from drain cleaners because they usually harm pipes. It is always best to look for professional help to deal with it, according to Trenchless Solutions.

Step 3: eliminate potential breeding grounds

Outside sources may be bringing in drain worms. Thus, make an effort to empty any clogged gutters and standing, dirty water from around the property.

However, if a plumbing problem is the cause of your drain worm problem in the first place, you can be sure that the worms will return if these are not resolved first. Thus, be careful to take care of any plumbing problems with professional help.

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