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How do you optimize hotel housekeeping operations?

For all the housekeepers of your facility, this post will be an eye opener. After reading this, you might feel that you have a magic wand and everything will turn sparkling clean after you wave it once. So, be it the bedrooms, lobby, or the main restaurant, with our tips to follow and the best cleaning supplies online, you will be able to clean it properly, hassle free.

Cleaning your hotel or other guest facility cannot be achieved by waving a magical wand, you have to take efforts to offer a level of guest satisfaction that would top the charts. Do not worry, we will walk you through the tips that will help you optimize your housekeeping operations up to a great extent.

In the following section, we will try to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the primary housekeeping operations in a hotel?
  2. How to optimize those housekeeping operations to keep your guests happy?

The primary housekeeping operations in a hotel

Whether you realize it or not, the housekeeping department is the backbone of any hotel. It is because the department handles one of the most important tasks i.e. maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the hotel facility. Nevertheless, the scope of housekeeping is not limited to just maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. There are other responsibilities as well such as raising inventory requisitions, managing laundry services, handling the lost and found artefacts, maintaining stocks, and so on.

Your house-keeping department may not generate revenue for your directly, but it does play a vital role in cost-control and retaining your customers.

Optimizing Hotel Housekeeping Operations

Now you know the meaning of housekeeping and how importance it is for your hotel, let us see the steps with which you can make it more efficient. Let’s look at them quickly here.

  • Streamlining the Processes: Streamlining here means aligning your hotel housekeeping operations with the tasks of other departments. When a customer calls in any department of your hotel, he should feel that all the departments work in a cohesive manner and they are a team altogether.
  • Bring timely changes in the SOPs: The SOPs of your housekeeping department must change from time to time. Doing this will help you improve your housekeeping operations and also increase staff’s efficiency.
  • Standardizing the quality of cleanliness and hygiene: Tell us who likes to stay in a dingy and shabby hotel. After covid-19 pandemic, guests are more particular about the hygiene and cleanliness in their stays. So, this is where the housekeeping department plays a role. To achieve the goals and to retain your customers, you must maintain the highest standards pertaining to cleanliness and hygiene. Some of the steps that you can take are:
    • Immediate room sanitization after checks out.
    • Change your room linen for new guests.
    • Always use a disinfectant for mopping the floors. When you check for cleaning supplies online, make sure that you check all these points.
    • Keep a sanitizer handy in each room.
    • Wear masks and protective gear while cleaning the room. You can also opt for color-coded cleaning.
  • Focus on your inventory management: As your is a hotel, you will need linen in bulk so keep a few bedsheets, towels and other supplies in excess.

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