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8 Property Features To Help The Sale Of Your Home

Improving your property’s performance on the housing market, as well as its chance for sale, can be done in a number of ways. While a great deal of advantage is affected by the local environment itself and, in large part, greater social and financial factors, a homeowner often has more potential influence than they might realise. To show you how, we’re sharing eight property features that have been proven to help the sale of a modern home.

Solar Panels

Amid rising energy costs and a greater interest in sustainability, solar panels are one of the most attractive features a property can have. These additions reduce energy costs and empower a home to be less reliant on the central power grid, improving residential carbon footprints. As they become more efficient and affordably, they are a no-brainer for any homeowner intending to sell a property.

Attic Conversion

Any method of expanding living space and increasing a property’s number of rooms is, generally, a worthy investment. Since most homes will have an attic space of some sort, its renovation into a usable living space is recommended, whether its conversion becomes another bedroom or simply a space for creative purposes.

Garden Outbuilding

Another form of living space expansion is the outbuilding. Those with gardens can quickly and affordably create an expansion to their living space by erecting log cabins or summer houses, even annexes, helping to promote greater use of their garden space.

Underfloor Heating

Energy-efficient and undeniably luxurious, underfloor heating is a feature that is certain to help your property stand out on the market. Now easily installed with the simple placement of electronic pads, it’s worth showcasing a home during winter, just to have potential buyers experience the quality of comfort available.

Home Office

A modern home is increasingly expected to have the potential for a professional space with more individuals working remotely. This can occur in a number of ways, whether in the form of a dedicated room or even among modular desk space.

Smart Security

The degree to which a home is secure has always been a factor influencing value. Even the presence of sturdier locks can have a positive influence on buyers. Amid the smart home age, however, it is assets such as smart doorbells and cameras that really help to improve a sense of security and, by proxy, property value.

New Boiler

Replacing a boiler is an essential but arduous task, one that often comes at significant expense. Those who take the plunge, however, are able to advertise the presence of a new and efficient boiler as part of the sale, making the property more attractive to those who might be concerned with future costs.

Vehicle Facilities

Charging a smart vehicle is increasingly more common and, as such, homes should begin to consider whether they might benefit from having charging facilities at home. Those that do invest in such features are increasingly likely to have their home stand out on the market.

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